The Truth

“Content is king” is an overused term, but has an underlying truth to it.  Consumers, whether they are young or old, are always on the look for quality and compelling content.  But content is more than just another cat video, shared content is an extension of a persons’ individual brand, personal image, and relays their personal character to the rest of the world.  So, it is no surprise that people are selective with what they share within their networks.  “The consumer is shockingly educated” says Wat Tyler, Account Manager at Ultimate Software.  The internet has created a way to easily access accurate information faster than ever before.

As William Bernbach perfectly articulated, “The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”  In an information era, truth is the single most important aspect of successful advertising.  Truth creates credibility; truth creates sustainability; truth creates success.  Truth can make or break a brand.  As businesses, we must accept that consumers are educated not only about the intricate workings of your company, but of your competitors.  How does a company sell a product or service in a sea of equally viable competitors?  Tyler says, “Companies must create value for the consumer.”  Companies can’t control the knowledge of the consumer, so companies must evolve to be responsive, creating value for consumers that can’t be found elsewhere.  Companies are required to be knowledgeable and accountable.  If, as a company, you don’t know the intricate details of your market, your company will simply be tossed aside and wiped out.

“If content is king, then distribution is queen” (source: Forbes).  Choosing the right channel requires incredible amounts of man power, time, and research.  Marketing and advertising channels have continued to evolve, moving from print to web to mobile.  While the quality of the content provided is crucial to a companies success, the content only becomes relevant if, and when, a company learns how to correctly distribute it.  The final medium by which a company disseminates their message directly reflects the target audience and provides a brand image/message to all consumers.  Successful companies know their audience and the mediums through which they must advertise to get the most exposure.

Know your content.  Know your audience.  Know your distribution channels.


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